Thai Sublime Black Grammes 200


Polyester and Polyamide Thai Sublime Rope. IT's very comfortable to realize bags. We suggest you to use: Hook 3-4. Length about 200 M. Diameter about 2mm.

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Sublime Rope. A high quality rope.

When you hear about an Italian thai you think of a made in Italy rope which is inspired by Thai ropes. Right! If you're looking for the best rope on the market you can choose Sublime!

It's made by Tessiland®, you can find it only on our website, Sublime is suitable to realize bags and similars. It's very soft, if you use hook 3.5 it will give your bag stiffness. Colors will be the same during all season, so you can realize bags if someone will ask you, knowing that Tessiland® will stock the same color throughtout the season.

What are you waiting for? Start creating crochet bags professionally.

thai sublime
6 Items

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Hook 3-4
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