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Search Tessiland yarns for different types. Acrylic, bouclè, yarns for bags, chenille, cotton and cotton blend, ribbons, pattern yarns, lurex, wool blend, baby wool, cotton lisle, special yarns.

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  • Color: White
Price €6.15

Soft yarn on bobbin with long hair, fur effect. Composition 100% Polyamide. Weight 150 Grammes Lenght about 495 Metres. We suggest you to use: Knitting needles 6-8-Hook 3-5. Suitable for application. P.ta T0361301

Price €4.10

Wool Blend yarn on bobbin. Composition 30% Wool 70% Acrylic. Weight 250 Grammes Lenght about 450 M. We suggest you to use Knitting needles 6-8 Hook 5-7. P.ta 52_f8055331

Price €9.43

Wool and lamè yarn-Composition:19%Wool-45%Acrylic-14%Polyamide-13Polyester-9%Lamè-Weight 250 gr. about 875 M.-we suggest you to use:Knitting needles 4,5-6 / Hook 3,5-4,5-P.ta 6947_F8061352

Price €4.92

Cotton Cone with lurex. Composition 41% Cotton 36% Acrylic 18%Polyamide 5%Polyester. Weight 200 grammes lenght about 1340 M. We suggest you to use:Knitting Needles 2 Hook 1.50-2.00. Suitable for garments. p.ta R1195602

Price €4.84

It's a wool with a shaded effect. The nuance goes from a delicate degradè to a plain colour. Composition: 20%wool 80%acrylic. 150 gr ball of wool. Lenght M. 360. We suggest you to use knitting needles 5,5-6 hook 5-5,5. Oeko-tex® certified.

Price €1.23

Soft and bright ball of cotton yarn. Composition 100% Cotton. Oeko Tex® certified. Weight Grammes 50 Lenght about 125 Metres. We suggest you to use Knitting needles 3-3.5 Hook 2.5-3. p.ta 44

Price €6.23

Plain Colour ribbon on bobbin. Composition 60% Cotton 40% Acrylic. Weight grammes 250 Lenght about 500 Metres. We suggest you to use Knitting Needles 6-8 Hook 5-7. P.ta 3214_t0435802

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