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  • Color: Avio
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Soft and bright ball of cotton yarn. Composition 100% Cotton. Oeko Tex® certified. Weight Grammes 50 Lenght about 125 Metres. We suggest you to use Knitting needles 3-3.5 Hook 2.5-3. p.ta 153

Price €7.30

Filato Misto Lana sfumato con inserti lurex-Composizione:30%lana 60%Acrilico 5% Poliestere 5% Poliammide-Misure per Gr.250 Lunghezza:Mt.350 ca-Consigliati:ferri 6-8 / Uncinett0 4-6-Pta.5010_R1066301

Price €6.48

Top Baby Alpaca mixed with the finest wools selected for Tessiland®. Composition 78%Wool-13%Baby Alpaca-5%Nylon. Lenght about 115 M. Weight 50 grammes. We suggest you: knitting needles 9-10 hooks 8-9. P.ta 770

Perlè n.8-Avion-4072-Gr.10
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100% Cotone Egiziano di Alta QualitàPeso: Gr.10-Lunghezza mt.85 caAspetto Perlato-2 fili ritorti indivisibiliIndicato per Ricamo-Filet-Chiacchierino

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