Aretha Slim Dark Brown Grammes 150


Super soft yarn on bobbin with long hair and fur effect. Composition 100% Polyamide. Weight Grammes 150 Length about 495 Metres. We suggest you to use: Knitting needles 6-8-Hook-3-5. It's suitable for inserts and applications.

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Are you looking for a WOW effect? Aretha slim...that's the right answer!

If you like to amaze someone, fur softness, if you don't want a yarn which releases hair but instead something that shows its beauty with no contraindications...well, you've found it!

Aretha Slim is a Tessiland® product which has been available on the website for years and which became a must of Italian N. 1 yarn collection!

Completely in Polyamide, it's got Polyamide features and qualities. It's an item which will astonish you!

It's suitable to realize inserts, Aretha Slim can be used with other yarns and realize unique items of clothing!

30 Items

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Hook 3-5
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