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Albero della Vita Grey. Items you need to realise it


Let Criss guide you to the creation of "Albero della Vita" Bag. This is one-of-a-kind project for 100.000 followers goal achieved by Angolo di Criss. A new way to purchase items used by our favourite Youtubers! Here you'll find a package which includes yarn and accessories to realise the bag. If you want more accessories, you'll find them at the bottom of the page! Watch the tutorial at the bottom of the page and select all the items to realise it!

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24 Items

Here you'll find a tutorial that will help you to realise the creation in the picture! Take a look!

Artist: Criss dell'Angolo di Criss

In this Tutorial Criss will present the project "Albero della Vita"! Now you have everything you need to realise it!

The Tutorial is an intellectual property of "Angolo di Criss"©.

The artist authorizes Tessiland® and only Tessiland® to the disclosure of the tutorial.

24 Items


Bellissima, ne ho realizzato due seguendo il video tutorial della bravissima Criss e, pur essendo la prima borsa che realizzavo, non ho avuto la minima difficoltà. I materiali confermano l'alta qualità tessiland

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