BabyKey Print Dove Gray Grams 50 shaded ball of baby wool


Super soft ball of wool 60% Unshrinkable Merino 40% Top Quality Acrylic. Suitable for creations for babies with degradè nuance. Weight 50 grams Length about 150 M. We suggest you to use Knitting needles 4-5 Hook 3.5.

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Dove Gray Baby Key Print: 

The ball of wool has many nuances of different colors with a degradè effect. This effect creates nuances from dove gray to lilac and gray. Nuances are from 5 to 7 meters. The ball appearance may vary from the picture because of the degradè.



Purchase carefully! Not every kind of wool is the same...choose quality, choose Made in Italy, choose Tessiland!

When we talk about wool, we need to know that it may change depending on: provenance, length, on which part of the body the shearing is made ect. It depends also on the production process; from the washing to the finishing process.

"Baby Key" Wool is is Made in Italy, it is exclusive to Tessiland® and it has the best price-quality ratio. Its high quality makes this wool suitable to create products for babies and newborns.


Details: Baby key is very easy to crochet and gets a vaporization treatment that makes fiber softer protecting it. The meticolous packaging with a thin film which has a low impact on the environment will make the product dust-free.


Suggestion: Baby key is a high quality wool and you'll notice how beautiful it is after washing it. The wool will “explode” using water.

We suggest you to hand-wash at 30° using a mild wool detergent. Do not squeeze it and let it dry away from a heat source (dab it with a towel first).

You won't believe it and you'll understand why purchase Made in Italy products!


Ending: Baby key is a wool blend that will last in time and after some washing you'd wash it in the washng machine using a gentle cycle. Try it and you won't regret!




799 Items

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Wool Blend
Uncinetto 3-4

Bellissimo filato

L'ho acquistato per realizzare un poncho ad uncinetto ed il risultato è stato anche migliore delle aspettative... colori bellissimi, filato molto morbido ma allo stesso tempo consistente, ottima la lavorabilità.

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